Kishanganga HEP

Kishanganga HEP

The Kishanganga River- Roar of Gurez Valley comes to a halt with a standing concrete wall between two hills and filling the valley with the dam of blue color. The dam creates a beautiful background for photoholic travelers. For nature lovers, the gentle breeze of cold air will soothe their souls and will push them to forget all of their worries and regrets. Efforts are going on to make it a water adventure spot soon. So you can enjoy numerous water activities like River Rafting, Jet Skiing, Flyboarding,  Kneeboarding, Kayaking, etc

BADWAN-A Lost Village:
Badwan was one of the best picturesque villages of the valley-  surrounded by trees, springs, floral meadows, topped with grasslands and with modern planning. The pretty village of Badwan has now been evacuated and dismantled as water from the new reservoir consumed it thus making it the first submerged village of Gurez Valley. Still the remains of the village can be seen, a deserted road, ruins of homes, tree trunks, and empty pathways. The natural springs for which the village was famous didn’t perish but are still blooming at their peak and are providing drinking water to visitors and nearby villages.

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