Khandyal Lotuh

Khandtyal  Lotuh

The latest addition to the beautiful spots in Gurez Valley is ‘Khandyal Lotuh’ also known as ‘View Point Khandyal’- a table-type raised landscape adjacent to the Khandyal Village. Being in the middle of the valley, creating two equal halves, it is becoming one of the favorite and most visited places by locals and visitors for sightseeing.
The back is enclosed with the deep gorges of Astaan Naala and the steep slope of pine trees supplement the needed charm to this patch of land. And on the front side, you can enjoy an alluring view of the whole Gurez Valley from Habba Khatoon Mountain to Khopri Village.

Best time to visit this place is early in the morning before sunrise, do a little bit workout there with your buddies, take out the hot tea flask and then just wait and watch how nature unfolds beauty of this valley like magic. The sunrise will hit the top of hills around and then will slowly move down to light up the little hamlet, this sight will keep you alive and happy for the rest of your life

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