Bagtore and Izmarg being in the lap of Neelam Valley and very close to LAC holds mesmerizing charm where nature and natural beauty are worth enjoying. The cattle herds around and the beekeepers add needed charm to these places. The symmetric pattern of farming on both sides of the road and forest around reminds the traveler of a foreign tourist destination.

The main eye-catching site is Bagtore Maidan, a flat upland on the edge of the main village, which is one of the best cricket grounds in the Valley. Surrounded by pines on its three sides, you would enjoy never seen before a panoramic view of a cricket ground and wooden houses besides the famous Kishanganga River(Neelam in POK).

The last village in the south of the Gurez Valley is Taarbal. This hamlet is also along the course of the Kishanganga river. This is where the motorable road ends and a small trail, mainly used by the locals starts. Just a few kilometers away from this village where the river meanders into POK, it takes the name of Neelum.

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