Tulail Valley

Tulail Valley

Tulail, the mini Ladakh, is a newly created tehsil carved out of Gurez Tehsil in 2014. The people here are the ethnic Dards with their own culture and Shina being their language. However, due to the cultural contact with the Kashmiri people and modern education, cultural assimilation has taken place. But still, the Dardic culture is alive because of the peoples of this valley. Be it in the form of traditional dresses like woolen Pherons, blankets or socks, or log houses, or generous hospitality of people.

The best time to visit Tulail Valley is from the 15th of May onwards to the 15th of September when the vegetation is lush green and the flow of the Kishanganga adding the silver lining to it. Tulail begins with the village of Barnoi (means door of the meadows) and ends at Chakwali from where the Kabul Gali starts which connects Tulail with Drass in Ladakh. However, this pass has not been opened yet for local or private vehicles. Tulail is also connected with the main Kashmir valley by hiking trails that lead to Naranag over Satsar Pass and to Sonamarg through Gadsar Lake.

This beautiful landform lies mostly on the bank of the Kishanganga River. On the eastern side, there fall the villages like Kashpot, Zedagay, and Purana Tulail. Towards the southeast of the village, there flows the charming freshwater stream known as Rakhi-Sin. It is the tributary of the river Kishanganga. On its southern side there flows the icy-blue Kishanganga River. There are more than 20 villages to explore the prominent among them being Sheikhpora.

The most common sports activities you would see in Tulail are Leeteh (hide and seek), Theeley (Gulli Danda), Kabadi, and Cricket.  And one habitual activity/hobby is fishing- Trout being present all over the valley with its various species like Brown trout, Snow trout, Rainbow trout, and Brook trout.


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