When you start your journey cruising smoothly out of Bandipora town, you will soon move onto the curvy roads leading up high. The snake bend climb will engulf you in the mesmerizing aerial views of Bandipora town and Wular Lake stretching to the horizon. Moving on the bumpy roads, showing the effect of melting snow, and after Passing by a dozen iron gates of the Indian Army, you will be welcomed by a hill station, Tragbal.

You would stop here to enjoy some light snacks under the sheltering firs with soft mountain breezes. The Dhaba here offers anda toast, tea, noodles and traditional kahwa. From here, the view of Wular against the magnificent backdrop of the Pir Panjal Peak catches your breath. To the north are ranged the jagged peaks of the Great Himalaya.

This place is also famous for “Operation Eraze”- codename of the assault and capture of Gurez by the Indian Army during the Indo-Pakistani War. In 1947, after the fall of Muzaffarabad, the tribal raiders advanced to Gurez Valley along Kishangana River. The raiders had captured Kanzalwan, a village in Gurez, and were waiting for the snow to abate so as to re-enter Kashmir valley via the Tragbal. By this operation Indian Army captured Tragbal and pushed raiders back to Pakistan via Razdan Pass.

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