Tulail Valley Jammu and Kashmir

Tulail Valley Tulail, the mini Ladakh, is a newly created tehsil carved out of Gurez Tehsil in 2014. The people here are the ethnic Dards with their own culture and Shina being their language. However, due to the cultural contact with the Kashmiri people and modern education, cultural assimilation has taken place. But still, the […]

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Habba Khatoon Mountain

Habba Khatoon Mountain Gurez’s most formidable peak is Habba Khatoon around which quaint legends abound. Habba Khatoon — the graceful, gigantic mountain, 13,000-foot, pyramid-shaped peak that rises over the town and is named after the eponymous peasant-queen-poetess, often referred to as  ‘Nightingale of Kashmir’, who is said to have lived near the mountain’s base as

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