Tracking places in Gurez Valley

Minimarg Minimarg is also a grassland located above Patalwan (read Patalwan), at an altitude of about 3100 ft from the valley and 800ft from Patalwan Lake. It is also an unexplored destination and has got fewer visits from locals. The snow-fed lake drains as a stream into the adjacent forest area. This stream adds more […]

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Viji Gali Viji Gali, an unexplored grassland located on the top of Khandyal mountain and above Kisar Sar. This landscape is snow bound for almost 9-10 months. Which is due to its altitude- between 2900-3100ft. Due to this reason it has got less attention and traffic by locals as well as tourists. This place is

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Kisar Sar Kisar Sar is a lake located on top of the mountain adjacent to Khandyal Village. On the foothills of this mountain famous sightseeing spot, Khandyal Lotuh is located. Being at a high altitude, more than 2400ft from the valley, this place is snowbound for almost 7-8 months. It will take nearly 4-5 hours

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Dissan Dissan, a hiking destination in Gurez valley, is located above Gowchari Dawar at an altitude of 700ft from the valley. It falls on the way to Patalwan. It takes roughly one hour from Dawar town to this location, so it is best suitable for one-day hikers. You may also camp here for an overnight

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Tulail Valley Tulail, the mini Ladakh, is a newly created tehsil carved out of Gurez Tehsil in 2014. The people here are the ethnic Dards with their own culture and Shina being their language. However, due to the cultural contact with the Kashmiri people and modern education, cultural assimilation has taken place. But still, the

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Patalwan Patalwan, a grassland  located at an altitude of approximately 2250 ft from the valley and occurs on the eastern side of Dawar, is one of the destinations for trekking or hiking in Gurez Valley. It usually takes 3-4 hours to reach the main location. The journey is characterized by the slope showing  fluctuations from

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