Razdan Pass

Words can’t describe this pass and pictures don’t do it justice. Razdan Pass or Razdan Top is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 3,557m (11,672ft) above sea level and 5kms from Peer Baba Dargah located in the Bandipora district of Kashmir valley. Razdan also marks a divide between the two regions as separate geographical and socio-cultural landscapes. It has one of the scariest roads in the world. The steepest part of the road is made of concrete tiles and in many places bordered by a drop of hundreds of meters unprotected by guardrails.

Due to heavy snowfall in winters, this pass remains closed for 4 months a year. So blockage of this pass cuts off the valley from the rest of Union Territory and the world,  which leads to a hectic lifestyle in the Gurez Valley during these months. Once an integral part of the Silk route between Kashmir and Central Asia, it is a tenuous link today, connecting Gurez with the rest of Kashmir. Other tranquilizing spots around Razdhan Pass’s vicinity are Peer Baba and Tragbal.

Apart from the difficulties, this pass offers some breathtaking views of Harmukh Mountain. After passing the Army Camp and about 200m you would reach a spot called Shae Batteh (white stones) and these white stone spark when rubbed with each other. Here you can also enjoy the view of Zetikus zig-zag road.  


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4 thoughts on “RAZDAN PASS”

  1. Very informative blog

    Can I travel on the road connecting Razdan pass in December 3rd week. Is the route fully closed or allowed to go ahead as far as motorable in that season?
    is permit required.
    please let me know

    1. Thank you for appreciation

      Your travel to Gurez Valley in the month of December depends on the weather conditions most probably road remain closed during this month due to snowfall
      You need no permit to travel Gurez Valley only a valid I’d proof is required…

    1. The Road was closed for the traffic it is open now you can plan you trip to Gurez Valley for more details call or what’s app us +916006282381

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