Patalwan, a grassland  located at an altitude of approximately 2250 ft from the valley and occurs on the eastern side of Dawar, is one of the destinations for trekking or hiking in Gurez Valley. It usually takes 3-4 hours to reach the main location. The journey is characterized by the slope showing  fluctuations from dense forest and rocky outcrops. You will also come across with small cliffs, being present at many locations across the grassland. A big stream originating from higher mountain reaches and flowing across on its eastern side will also accompany you to the destination.

Reaching Patalwan, the cold breeze from the lake and the wild flora will welcome you with open arms. The view of the grassland is simply chilling and mesmerizing. Surroundings are filled with snow cladded mountains, Himalayan birch, and dense forest. Within which small herbaceous patches occur in an interspersed fashion. From here you can see some villages of Gurez and the gigantic Habba Khatoon Peak. This landscape is also famous for ‘Sheeluh’ – a green wild vegetable usually eaten with the tortilla.

If you start your journey early in the morning you would easily reach back by the evening, but spending a night in abandoned nomadic log huts or under the blanket of stars, will give you an unending peace, serenity and tranquility.

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