Minimarg is also a grassland located above Patalwan (read Patalwan), at an altitude of about 3100 ft from the valley and 800ft from Patalwan Lake. It is also an unexplored destination and has got fewer visits from locals. The snow-fed lake drains as a stream into the adjacent forest area. This stream adds more water from Patalwan Sar(lake) and gets its name as Chak Nala- named after Chak Dynasty. It Later joins Kishanganga River as a tributary at Shetil Bhag near Barnai Village.

All of the trekking destinations viz Patalwan, Minimarg, Kisar, Viji Gali are connect to each other like a spider web. They form another valley up in the mountains. But needs a knowledgeable guide to visit all of these destinations in one go. These places were old routes to the Kashmir Valley.

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