Kisar Sar

Kisar Sar

Kisar Sar is a lake located on top of the mountain adjacent to Khandyal Village. On the foothills of this mountain famous sightseeing spot, Khandyal Lotuh is located. Being at a high altitude, more than 2400ft from the valley, this place is snowbound for almost 7-8 months. It will take nearly 4-5 hours to reach the Sar(lake). The road connectivity project is presently in its initial stage, completed just 3kms yet. Once this project is over, everyone will say Gurez first. On its way, grasslands like Daniril and Shiril are located, small elevated areas and camping sites for shepherds. Its habitat is quite attractive to grazing livestock and provides tranquility for the visitors.

A big stream called Astaan Naala originating from Kisar Sar itself will accompany you to the destination. With the sound of gushing water, the aroma of pine trees, the vibrancy of wildflowers, a lush green slope, and an unfathomable calling, this trek will surprise everyone. Every step towards this stunning landscape will continue to elevate its beauty. 

All the junctions in this journey will throw new surprises like crossing some small cliffs, crossing big streams several times, and sometimes steep slopes. And then you reach the Sar(lake), surrounded by snowy mountains, minimal vegetation, big boulders, and chilling air. A night’s stay here is almost impossible because of the low temperature. So camping is usually done at lower reaches.

This area is also famous for some medicinal herbs like  Gow Zaban, Koh-Momia, Doopa, Bankakri, Patris, Jogi Badshah, and many more. Other than these, some wild vegetables are also present in the months of April and May like Gurhan, Sheeluh, and some in the month of  August like Gucchi (a wild mushroom). These veggies are first fried and then usually eaten with tortillas.

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