Gurez Valley

Gurez Valley

Gurez valley located in the high Himalayas about 86 kilometers (53 mi) from Bandipora and 123 kilometers (76 mi) from Srinagar in northern Kashmir. As a crowning glory of Kashmir at about 8,000 feet, Gurez Valley is replete with beautiful sights, such as the roaring Kishanganga River, fauna and wildlife. Which include the Himalayan Brown Bear and the Snow Leopard. This Valley is surrounded by snow-capped mountains of poetic beauty. This makes the valley such a tranquil and striking place to visit.
This feast-for-the-eyes destination has been around forever but has never been on the tourism map due to its remoteness. And, we are sure, anyone will lose track of time while absorbing everything that Gurez has to offer.

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 We’re talking about ample rafting opportunities offered by the Kishanganga River from Gurez and Tulail. The trekking routes; mountain climbing; trout fishing; and much more. For people fond of remote locales and who want to enjoy a peaceful holiday, Gurez Valley is the best option for them. Without phones, crowds, and the hustle and bustle of the big city, few places on Earth can match Gurez Valley.

Gurez is a unique adventure destination in Northern Kashmir. It also serves as an entry point to the renowned silk route across central Asia- which connected the Kashmir Valley with Gilgit. Historically, Gurez was part of ancient Dardistan, stretching between Sharda Peeth in the west,  Minimarg in the north, Drass in the east, and Bagtore in the south. This Valley is situated very close to the Burzil Pass, which leads into Astore District of Gilgit-Baltistan. The inhabitants are ethnic Dards/Shins. They speak the Shina language and have the same styles of dress and culture as their kinsmen in Pakistani-administered Gilgit-Baltistan. 

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Words of SiR walter lawrence

Prior to the partition of Kashmir, Gurez had been a destination for foreign tourists. Even in 1895, the British author Sir Walter Lawrence called the Gurez Valley “one of the most beautiful scenes in all of Kashmir,” where the tourmaline waters of the Kishenganga River are framed by “mountain scarps of indescribable grandeur.” In the book he wrote after traveling throughout the princely state, Lawrence predicted that Gurez would soon become one of Kashmir’s most popular Himalayan tourist destinations. For reasons he never could have foreseen, 126 years later, Gurez is still waiting.

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