Dissan, a hiking destination in Gurez valley, is located above Gowchari Dawar at an altitude of 700ft from the valley. It falls on the way to Patalwan. It takes roughly one hour from Dawar town to this location, so it is best suitable for one-day hikers. You may also camp here for an overnight to watch the twinkling lights below from the valley and another blanket of lights over your head. From here it takes 2-3 hours to reach Patalwan.

This Landscape is mostly grassland, surrounded by wildflowers, snow cladded mountains, and pine forest. The smell of which would nourish your eyes and heal your soul. Being in proximity to the valley,  local shepherds other than Gujjars and Bakarwals are utilizing this patch of land for grazing purposes. Here you can also enjoy your stay in small wooden huts under the shadows of pine constructed by local villagers. The villagers would track the mountains to carry salt slabs for their animals, which would go for grazing in the meadows across the Dissan and Patalwan area every summer.

This area is also famous for some medicinal herbs like  Gow Zaban, Koh-Momia, Doopa, Bankakri, Patris, Jogi Badshah, and many more. Other than these, some wild vegetables are also present in the months of April and May like Gurhan, Sheeluh, and some in the month of  August like Gucchi (a wild mushroom). These veggies are first fried and then usually eaten with tortilla.

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  1. Mahadeb Seal

    I Mahadeb Seal belonging to West Bengal have to say that I am willing to visit Gurez valley on about 10 or 11th April, 2023 along with 6 persons. 3 rooms are required for 2 nights. Let me know where is the location of your hotel and rate including or excluding breakfast and dinner.

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