Baba Dervish

Baba Dervish

Shrines of Baba Dervish and his brother Baba Razaq are two most prominent and sacred shrines in Gurez Valley. Thus giving a spiritual outlook to the valley. The shrine of Baba Dervish, hem in with walnut tress, is located near the hamlet of Fakirpora. From this shrine at a distance of about 150meters shrine of Baba Razaq is located in the lap of Gochari under the shadows of pine trees. Both the shrines are located at a walking distance from Dawar town, which would usually take 8-10min.

During the reign of Shams-ud-Din, Mir Sayyid Ali Hamdani (also known as Shah-e-Hamdan) an Iranian Sufi Muslim saint, had visited this place in 1372 AD. It is said that he brought along with him about 700 followers and lots of crafts and industries from Iran to Kashmir. Of these seven hundred saints, seven came to Gurez, including Baba Abdur Razaq and Baba Dervish. The names of the other saints are still unfamiliar but their shrines, located near Chorwan, Bagtore, Dangital Tulail, and at Kamri across the border near Dood-Gagi village in Pakistan’s Azad Kashmir, are also quite eminent. 

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