Tragbal When you start your journey cruising smoothly out of Bandipora town, you will soon move onto the curvy roads leading up high. The snake bend climb will engulf you in the mesmerizing aerial views of Bandipora town and Wular Lake stretching to the horizon. Moving on the bumpy roads, showing the effect of melting […]

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Dawar The ancient capital of the Dards, Dawar, located on the left bank of the Kishenganga River is the central township and valley’s administrative center, where a small bazaar — with dry goods shops, produce sellers and a few “hair saloons” — is surrounded by houses and fields. Almost all the shops, houses and restaurants

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Habba Khatoon Mountain

Habba Khatoon Mountain Gurez’s most formidable peak is Habba Khatoon around which quaint legends abound. Habba Khatoon — the graceful, gigantic mountain, 13,000-foot, pyramid-shaped peak that rises over the town and is named after the eponymous peasant-queen-poetess, often referred to as  ‘Nightingale of Kashmir’, who is said to have lived near the mountain’s base as

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Khandtyal  Lotuh The latest addition to the beautiful spots in Gurez Valley is ‘Khandyal Lotuh’ also known as ‘View Point Khandyal’- a table-type raised landscape adjacent to the Khandyal Village. Being in the middle of the valley, creating two equal halves, it is becoming one of the favorite and most visited places by locals and

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Kishanganga HEP The Kishanganga River- Roar of Gurez Valley comes to a halt with a standing concrete wall between two hills and filling the valley with the dam of blue color. The dam creates a beautiful background for photoholic travelers. For nature lovers, the gentle breeze of cold air will soothe their souls and will

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Bagtore/Izmarg Bagtore and Izmarg being in the lap of Neelam Valley and very close to LAC holds mesmerizing charm where nature and natural beauty are worth enjoying. The cattle herds around and the beekeepers add needed charm to these places. The symmetric pattern of farming on both sides of the road and forest around reminds

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Peer Baba Peer Baba just before a few km from Razdan Pass holds true beauty in its lap. This site has been developed as a spiritual spot just before Razdan Pass where one can enjoy the panoramic view of the whole Bandipora forest ranges and the small hamlets which seem to be locked within the

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Razdan Pass Words can’t describe this pass and pictures don’t do it justice. Razdan Pass or Razdan Top is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 3,557m (11,672ft) above sea level and 5kms from Peer Baba Dargah located in the Bandipora district of Kashmir valley. Razdan also marks a divide between the two regions


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